Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How depressing...

I was cleaning and organizing our master bedroom today and was separating my clothes out - things that currently fit, things that do NOT currently fit, and goodwill.

The things that do NOT fit are overwhelming and the things that DO fit are depressing.

Half of my closet is chock-full of awesome clothing - cute tee shirts, jeans, crops, capris, dresses, jackets, tops, blouses, etc. The other half... has ugly clothes. Huge clothes. Clothes I never want to wear again.

So, now that I am done vacationing for a bit, I have a renewed sense of purpose. I WILL lose this weight. I will fit in to my FAVORITE Lucky jeans again. I WILL slip on my beautiful Nicole Miller evening gown - even if I only run around the house whooping that it fits. I will NOT look like a frumpy gross mom who got married and had kids and let herself go.



I WILL be better at posting here. Back to pictures and weight, weekly. Every Friday.

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