Sunday, January 3, 2010

A minor victory

Yesterday I convinced Michael to keep soda out of the house for now. That was one of my serious issues - if the water wasn't cold enough, I didn't have any Green Tea, I didn't want Crystal Light, I would just have soda. SOOOO bad.

So, for now, we aren't keeping it in the house. Yippie!

As far as exercise, running/spin/weights. Same as always... I think that is a good mix for me.

So anyways, here are my weight loss goals:

February 20th - One Pant Size
March 20th - One Pant Size
July 3rd - Coral and brown dress
August 17th - White dress
Thanksgiving - Lucky Dream Jean
January 27th, 2011 - Nicole Miller Ball Gown

Here are my fitness goals:
Now through March: Run 4x a week and do "Shred" video 2x a week
March/April: Run 7 miles
October 2010: Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon
October 2010: Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon
February 2011: Dade City Dances with Dirt Marathon


  1. So proud of you, you actually updated your blog. :p

  2. :D It's one of my resolutions! I plan on a "post-a-day" between this blog, the family blog, and the cupcake blog!